Recommended List

Here’s what we recommend as a general guide when packing. Please be aware that this is a very general list, so make sure you consider where you will be travelling to and when, and which activities you’ll be involved in on your tour. As always, if you have any questions, doubts or worries, then please contact us for advice.

– A small day-pack for exploring cities, etc., and for keeping inside the vehicle for items you’ll use during the day.

– Sun hat

– 1 pair of sunglasses.

– a lightly warmer layer for the evenings.

– 1 light waterproof jacket with hood.

– 1 pair of comfortable walking shoes.

– 1 pair of sandals or flip-flops.

–  Swimwear.

– Any medications that you need or may need.

– Sun cream, lip-salve, and after-sun.

– Mosquito repellent.

– Multi-plug travel adaptor and any charging cables you need.

– Photocopies of your passport and any visas you have obtained for the trip.

– A pouch or money-belt worn inside your clothing, or an unobtrusive pocket sewn into the inside of trouser or skirt.

Fitness Level

We have graded our trips to better help you assess the level of fitness needed in order to enjoy them to the full.


Our light tours include easy walks on mostly flat ground, often in towns or cities. Short stretches on tracks or paths may include some steps and uneven terrain. Walks are of short duration and distance, usually below 3km / 2 miles or 2 hours. Site tours likewise tend to be under 2 hours.


On moderate itineraries, key site tours can be up to 5 hours’ duration. Walks are rarely over 2 hours in duration and 5km / 3 miles in distance. Walking is mostly limited to flat terrain or towns, but some stretches may be on relatively steep slopes and narrow paths.